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Acoustic Tour with 10 Years!

We’re going acoustic! Come see us on tour with 10 Years this Summer

12 Aug in Knoxville, TN
13 Aug in Greensboro, NC14 Aug in Wilmington, NC
16 Aug in Virginia Beach, VA
17 Aug in Fredericksburg VA
19 Aug in Poughkeepsie, NY
20 Aug in Allston, MA
21 Aug in Hampton Beach, NH
23 Aug in Flint, MI
24 Aug in Arlington Heights, IL
26 Aug in Peoria, IL
27 Aug in Des Moines, IA
28 Aug in Indianapolis, IN

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Welcome to 2016!

   Welcome to 2016! Feels great, huh? Kind of tough to keep track of the individual days what with only a handful of actual sunlight hours for every 24. The good news is that It finally feels like Christmas now that the cold has decided to show up. At least the season makes sense now.

I spent New Years at home this year. My wife was too sick to go out so I seized the opportunity to hold her hostage at the gaming table. she proceeded to cough, roll some dice and then cough some more. Eventually, Stockholm syndrome set in and she ended up enjoying herself. This past New Years  will probably end up being far more memorable than most. I mean: how often do you get to bust through a dungeon with your wife? The answer is: never often enough.. And I’m not even using “bust through a dungeon” as a euphemism!

Things that were great about my winter holiday:

Seeing Star Wars, not being disappointed. This is no longer news to anyone but I was out the door on my way to see it when I wrote my last update. Man, that movie…I’m sure there are negative things to say or dislike about it but you’d have be trying very hard  to…not enjoy all. It’s a movie for pretty much everyone without a whole lot of pandering to any one group but manages to not compromise in any area. It’s just a really good movie. I texted James when I got out of the theatre and wrote something like “I’m giddy as shit!” Something like that… So, to summarize: go see the hidden gem: “Star Wars”

I also got through a couple great games this winter holiday. I finished Fallout 4. I had an amazing time with it. Everyone I talk to keeps relating all these great moments which seem completely different than mine. I feel like I missed too much in that game. Only one way to fix that. Get back on the horse. Walk back down the road with Dogmeat.. You nerds know what I’m talking about..

Also got a chance to play “Rise Of The Tomb Raider”. Loved it. You actually raid tombs this time around and there’s lots of cool spaces to explore off the beaten path. I played it like I play the batman games. In one big chunk. Then I forget about them for a year or so then pick it back up and it becomes a completely fresh experience for me. Having a terrible memory sure has its benefits!

Finally started watching Fargo. I was nervous to start because I love the movie so much. A TV show seemed so unnecessary. This is not the case. This show creates new stories in the Fargo universe(??) and stays totally faithful to the original. Ya know, tone-wise and all that. Real good show. Ya real good..

I played/watched a whole bunch of other nerdy stuff but I feel like this post might be running away with itself. Oh! I got to be on the podcast “Let’s Drink About It“. That was a lot of fun. I’ve been helping my buddy engineer that show for a while and he asked me to be a guest this time around. That podcast has taught me a lot about the wide world of cocktails. They typically have young and intelligent guests on there. Then they had me on to round out the numbers I guess..

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us this year. We have to keep introducing this new record to people.  We’ve got some more cold calling to do in 2016. We are not only planning to get back out there and promote our new record this year but we are already getting ready to write some new stuff. This has us all very excited. We may as well start sooner rather than later. The process is a long one for us and it really can’t afford to get any longer.

The good news is: more shows this year, more chances to see you guys again, and there is more music coming your way. You know: eventually.

Your Bald Singer Pal,


Fall Of The Hammer Tour Contest

F11 Banner 1920x620

We’re hitting the road with our friends Head Of The Heard this Fall and giving YOU the chance to open for us! We’re listening to all the band submissions to find the perfect opener!

Submit the following to [email protected] by October 12th at Midnight EST to be considered:

  • Your band name
  • Links to your music
  • Date and City desired
  • A brief explanation (250 words max) on why you want to open for us

For 10/20 in Winnipeg, MB submit your music to 92 Citi FM and get your friends & family to vote! Contest details:

For 10/21 in Regina, SK our friends at 104.9 The Rock are giving you a radio feature so listeners can vote for you! Contest details:

For 10/28 in Kelowna, BC head to Power 104 to cast your vote & let us know who you think should open for us!

For Rules and Regulations click here.

Fall Of The Hammer Tour Starts Tomorrow !

We are going on tour tomorrow!

Tour Dates
Buy Tickets

fall of the hammer tour

Sep 23 The Electric Factory -Philadelphia, PA
Sep 24 The Chance – Poughkeepsie, NY
Sep 25 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
Sep 26 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom – Hampton Beach, NH
Oct 11 Altes Munchen Haus – Kitchener, Canada
Oct 20 The Oak – Winnipeg, Canada
Oct 21 The Pump – Regina, Canada
Oct 22 O’Brians Event Centre – Saskatoon, Canada
Oct 24 Better Than Fred’s – Grande Prairie, Canada
Oct 26 Sound Garden – Lethbridge, Canada
Oct 27 The Marquee – Calgary, Canada
Oct 28 Kelowna Community Theatre – Kelowna, Canada
Oct 30 Hard Rock Casino Vancouver – Coquitlam, Canada
Oct 31 Mary Winspear Centre – Sidney, Canada
Nov 07 Rustic -Sarnia, Canada

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Five Crooked Lines Is Here!

Did you hear the news? We’re releasing our sixth studio album “Five Crooked Lines” TODAY! It’s our first album in five years and we are excited to be back!

Get it now!


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Five Crooked Lines Official Album Cover

Five Crooked Lines Premiere on Noisey!

Proud to share the premiere of our album ‪#‎FiveCrookedLines‬ on Noisey!‪#‎NewMusicFriday‬

Click here to stream!

Don’t forget you can preorder the album using the links below and get 4 tracks automatically!

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